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Stephan Natynczuk

Stephan has been increasingly active in Adventure Therapy as a practitioner since 1989, startingas a post-doctoral experiential educator in the outdoors, qualifying as ascience teacher, and journeying towards becoming a NCS accredited counsellorand supervisor.

Stephan is a senior practitioner of outdoor adventureleadership in multiple disciplines and a Leading Practitioner of the Institutefor Outdoor Learning. Stephan has been in private practice since 1993 andunderstands well the pressures, challenges and rewards of the business ofprivate practice.  Stephan is HonorarySenior Lecturer at The University of Worcester and is currently working closelywith The Aspire Academy, Worcester, UK. Most of his current fieldwork is with young people. Stephan has an interest inresilience and sustainability and is a champion for supervision in adventuretherapy. Increasingly Stephan is drawn towards training aspirant practitionersand co-chairs the Adventure Therapy International Committee.