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Sylke Iacone

Facilitating meaningful SOLO experiences in nature


Why does spending time alone in nature has a healing effect on the human psyche?

Explanation and Context

As human beings, we have a very basic need for belonging. The feeling of belonging is essential for a healthy development and personal growth. In the history of human evolution, we find evidence for a world view that connects us to nature strongly. But the so called modern science described by Isaac Newton set the foundation for the mechanic worldview and the human being as a machine. This had a massive impact on how humanity developed on this planet in the last centuries. The latest research in quantum physics comes up with unbelievable facts – unbelievable because it connects us strongly to everything. Spending time alone in nature helps us to remember our connectedness which is essential for a healthy development as a human being.

Content of the workshop

In our workshop, we will explore different forms of reconnecting to nature and discuss the impact of solo experiences on healthy development. We will also have a closer lock on how connecting to nature can support a healthy connection within the human community. For some of our clients the ability to connect and interact with others is disturbed and dysfunctional. Experiencing the quality of connection and belonging in and with nature helps to build healthy relationships with others.

Goals and achievements

  • Self-Experienceof 2 -3 short solos in nature
  • Basic understanding of how to guide solo experiences with your clients
  • Insights and knowledge around the latest findings of quantum physics
  • Understanding of the connection between psychic health and connection to nature through solo-experience
  • Fruitful exchange with peers
  • Some helpful handouts to take with you
  • Genius moments of awe, wonder and releasing laughter

Start: Monday,  July 22, 2019 at 12 am
Finnish: Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at 03 pm
Participants: max. 20 adults only

Vita of Sylke Iacone

Sylke Iacone works as a freelance facilitator and coach. She lives at Lake Constance in the South of Germany and dedicates her work and life to personal development in a global context. As a coach she sets the focus on transformation and deep inner processes. Experiential methodology and the use of wilderness as a tool for growth and self-recognition are central in her work. She is a certified Outdoor- and Vision Quest Guide and has spent the last 15 years on developing Solo-Programs for a huge range of groups. She gives away here experience and insights in trainings and workshops with great passion and love for the work – guiding solos in nature. 

“Solitude is the school of wisdom.”
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