Organisation & Coordination ROUND TABLE

Christiane Thiesen
Lynn van Hoof (BE)

Representative of the Coordination Team ATE

Per Wijnands
Wilbert Nolle (NL)

Representative of the Coordination Team ATE

National representation in ATE ROUNDTABLE

Each national adventure therapy organisation or network (large or small, formal or informal) is responsible for electing or nominating two representatives as ATE REPRESENTATIVES.

In countries without a national network, members will often be someone attending the ATE who self-nominate. ATE encourages (/support) these individuals to develop a community of practitioners/academics in their home country.

The ATE representatives will be known and available through our ADVENTURETHERAPY.EU website platform and will provide a connection to other national professionals and national networks of AT.

The role of ATE representatives

ATE representatives are committed to liaising between their existing national network (large or small, formal or informal) and ATE (or advancing the development of a national network), promoting AT nationally and representing ATE and its mission.

ATE representatives provide a link between the European adventure therapy community and people in their country or region that are involved in adventure therapy or closely related occupations. To do this, they undertake a range of activities that may include the following:


Creating, joining or supporting the development of local, national and regional networks of people who are interested in adventure therapy.


Actively networking with people in their region who are in related occupations such as occupational therapy, psychotherapy, youth justice, nature-based therapies etc. to co-create a community of related occupations


Promoting workshops, seminars, conferences and educational events related to adventure therapy, whether they be local, national or international


Answering queries related to adventure therapy that they receive directly or via other ATE members.


Linking with universities and training institutions that provide training, education and research in adventure therapy and related fields.

Who already at ATE RoundTable?

List of participants at ATE RoundTable at GATE 2019.

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