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How to travel

As you do come from all over the world we will give you some possibilities how to organise your trip to the Gate 2019:

If you are an early bird you can get some very cheap tickets for flight, train and bus.


Airport Munich

  • 150 km (2h by car)
  • Train: 2,5 – 4 h (to Füssen/Fuessen)
  • Flixbus: 5.45 h (11.2018 to Füssen/Fuessen)

Airport Innsbruck

  • 115 km (2h by car)
  • Train: not possible
  • Flixbus: 3h (Attention not daily in 11.2018 to Füssen/ Fuessen)

Airport Memmingen

  • 90 km (1h by car)
  • Flixbus: 1h (11.2018 to Füssen/ Fuessen)

Airport Zürich CH

  • 233 km (2:45 h by car)
  • Flixbus: 9h (to Füssen/ Fuessen)

Train Station Füssen

  • 7,5 km/ time to Location: Outward Bound
  • Car: 10 min.
  • Walking: 2-3 h

There are some special offers from home based companies arround europe. We appologize Flixbus as one of the possibilities:


    • Your target location/ destination: Füssen/ Fuessen
    • From there you have 7,5 km to OUTWARD BOUND
    • (Taxi, Car, walking or shuttle)


Füssen is in the south end point of the longest Highway in Germany the A7. Federal routes who will bring you to the location are B16, B17 and B310. From Austria there is the Far Right Route B179.
Please note that congestion and disability may occur on certain days and weekends. The four-lane course is namely shortly before Füssen two lanes. We recommend travelers using the car and bus to pay attention to the traffic announcements on the radio and possibly leave the motorway at the exit Nesselwang. From Nesselwang take the federal highways B309 and B310 to Füssen.
If you are using navigation, please enter the following address at your destination:
Berghausstraße 1, D- 87645 Schwangau

Car Rental Füssen

This rental companies work from every hotpoint of traveller around germany. You can also rent your car at airports, trainstations and busstations. We wil give you here the direct link to Füssen. But please feel free:


phone +49 (0)89 – 7676 2099 dayly  8:00 – 22:00

Hertz Füssen Schwangau

Füssener Str. 112
phone +49 (0) 8362 986580

Tourist Office Füssen

Kaiser-Maximilian-Platz 1
87629 Füssen
phone +49 (0) 83 62 / 93 85-0