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Get involved Workshops

Get involved – Workshop proposals

The goal of the GATE is to gather professionals from the Adventure Therapy field to share our knowledge and experience in different practices within the field. Therefore the GATE is only possible, if participants offer to share their experiences in workshops. We appreciate your contribution to the program.

The workshops last 2 hours and can be inside or outdoors. You are welcome to share your knowledge, expertise or story. Keep in mind to make the workshop interactive, experientially based and with a link to Adventure Therapy. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We ask you to fill out the following form to propose your workshop. After reviewing your offer we will publish the workshop proposal on the website, so that the other participants can get an idea of the offered workshops and sign up for them.

Experiential Workshop Proposal

The aim of the GATE is to bring people closer together and to continue creating a European platform where we can communicate our findings and exchange ideas on Adventure Therapy. This dream can only come true if people are willing to proudly share what they do and how they do it.
The GATE is an opportunity to learn from each other. This is why we would love that you share your knowledge, experiences and resources with the rest of European folks. Please, give us an insight of the wonderful practices you use in your organization/country!
We offer the opportunity for you to have a 2 hour time slot in which you can provide a workshop, either inside or outdoors. Please feel encouraged to make something practical, hands-on and experiential out of it, so we can all experience the wonders ourselves and feel connected in this European part of the world. Thanks for sharing!

Make sure you pick a good title to catch participants’ attention. Keep in mind that we will provide the description of your workshop to participants so they can get some information about your experiential workshop.

You need to be signed up for the GATE in order to present a workshop proposal.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount for people that present a workshop.

Please email us at if you have any questions.

Deadline for proposals: June 1st 2019
As a Workshop leader you will get a reducement of 180,00 Euros of the conference fee. Your conference fee will be 220,00 Euros. Please write in the textfield of the ticket-shop: WS Leader

We will provide this form to participants so they can decide to which workshop they would like to attend while in the GATE, since there will be several workshops simultaneously. Feel free to add pictures or any other aspects that could be interesting for participants to know and engage in your workshop. Please send it to us before June 1st, 2019.

Thank you!