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Christiane Thiesen

Christiane Thiesen

Christiane has been practiced for more than 20 years experience and action-based learning with groups and teams of different ages. She is a trainer for team development with action-based methods for profit and non-profit organizations. She has over 15 years been involved in the teaching team for Experiential Education at OUTWARD BOUND Germany.

As a graduate social worker she has many years of experience in the fields of Education line for about 30 staff in the school, social work with families, social group work, general out-patient and day-patient as well as internal cross-training officer in youth welfare institutions collected. Her experience in individual and intensive pedagogical settings as supervisor and consultant for maladjusted adolescents is more than 15 years.

From August 2015 to March 2016 she built on (based on the concept of the CIRCLE OF COURAGE) a clearing group for unattendet underage refugees. Step by step the group-concept would developed to a long-term residential target, with the chief aim of integration.

With the result, that she adopted an afghanian youngster as her son who shows her a new oriental world in her kitchen, her whole life and journey to Iran.

As a member and management in various boards such as the German Federal „Association of individual- and experiential learning“ and OUTWARD BOUND Germany she is engaged today for sustainable management and holistic education.

Member of the organizing team of “Erleben & Lernen” Kongress in Germany and related to board of the magazine “erleben & lernen”.

Christiane is committed as an independent supervisor and coach (systemically oriented), consulting social institutions and member of the board of Resilience Learning e.V.

Always open for new ideas and concepts.

Christiane Thiesen | Jg 1967

  • Professional Educator
  • Social education worker (Dipl. Sozialpädagogin)
  • Experience based teacher – OUTWARD BOUND ACADEMY Germany
  • Academic Supervisor & Coach
  • Traumatic Stress Consulting/ Training, Psychotraumatology, Trauma informed social work/-stabilizing (ZPTN)
  • Bonding und Relationship orientated Therapy and Consulting (BBT, Prof. Dr. Brisch)
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