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Roger Braas

Roger Braas

Head and Director of Department Psychiatric Department Federal Armed Central Military Hospital, Koblenz

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2014
Member of Teaching Team SISPA – Institute of Progress in the Nature
Since April 2005
Head and Director,  Psychiatric Department, German Armed  Forces Central Military Hospital Koblenz
2002 – 2005
Director of Outpatient Clinic, Psychiatric Dept. Medical Center German Armed Forces Bonn (MOD)
Director of Outpatient Clinic, Psychiatric Dept. German Armed Forces Military Hospital of Berlin
Specialisation as a Neurologist at the Charité- Hospital of the Humboldt University of Berlin
1994 – 1997
Medical Officer at the Outpatient Clinic, Psychiatric Dept. German Armed Forces Military Hospital of Berlin
Specialisation as a Psychiatrist  & Psychotherapist   University of Giessen 1987-1990
Navy Medical Officer on Board “Federal German Ship Niedersachsen”
1984 – 1987
Staff of Military Headquarters and Ministery of Defense
1982 – 1984
Internship German Armed Forces Military Hospital Giessen
1976 – 1982
Medical School University of Giessen, Germany
Enlisting German Armed Forces as Medical Officers Candidate Main Research Interests  
Posttraumatic stress disorders in soldiers after and during Deployment

Federal Armed Central Military Hospital Koblenz
Rubenacher Straße 17
D-56072 Koblenz / Germany
phone +49 261 281 2600

German Vita of Roger Braas

Roger Braas ist Facharzt für Psychiatrie/ Psychotherapie und Neurologie.
Roger Braas trat 1976 in die Bundeswehrein, studierte Medizin an der Uni Gießen, arbeitete erst als Assistenzarzt amBwK Gießen,  3 Jahre als Schiffsarzt FGS Niedersachsen, danach mehrereJahre als Facharzt für Psychiatrie und  Psychotherapie an der Uni Gießen,3 Jahre als Oberarzt am BwK in Berlin und 2 Jahre als Facharzt für Neurologiean der Charité in Berlin. Danach war er mehrere Jahre als leitender FU am BwKin Berlin und am BwSanZ in Bonn und ist seit 2005 leitender Arzt im BwZKrhs inKoblenz.

Als Arzt nahm er bei mehreren Auslandseinsätzen im Kosovo und in Afghanistan teil.  Beim Weltjugendtag war er als Psychiater im Medical Center dabei und bei der Fußball WM 2006 arbeitete er bei der Planung des MC mit.

Roger Braas ist derzeit leitender Arzt der neurologischen und psychiatrischen Abteilung des Bundeswehrzentralkrankenhauses in Koblenz und behandelt Patienten, die nach demEinsatz unter PTBS (posttraumatische Belastungsstörung) leiden.

Referent und Mitglied es Lehr- und Ausbildungsteam bei SISPA – Institut für Entwicklungsprozesse in der Natur seit 2014.

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Stephan Natynczuk

Stephan has been increasingly active in Adventure Therapy as a practitioner since 1989, startingas a post-doctoral experiential educator in the outdoors, qualifying as ascience teacher, and journeying towards becoming a NCS accredited counsellorand supervisor.

Stephan is a senior practitioner of outdoor adventureleadership in multiple disciplines and a Leading Practitioner of the Institutefor Outdoor Learning. Stephan has been in private practice since 1993 andunderstands well the pressures, challenges and rewards of the business ofprivate practice.  Stephan is HonorarySenior Lecturer at The University of Worcester and is currently working closelywith The Aspire Academy, Worcester, UK. Most of his current fieldwork is with young people. Stephan has an interest inresilience and sustainability and is a champion for supervision in adventuretherapy. Increasingly Stephan is drawn towards training aspirant practitionersand co-chairs the Adventure Therapy International Committee.

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Leiv Einar Gabrielsen

Keynote Speaker Leiv Gabrielsen

Leiv Einar Gabrielsen, PhD, works as a researcher and outdoor therapist at Sorlandet hospital in Norway. Here he manages a comprehensive clinical research project where a Norwegian version of wilderness therapy is offered to adolescents with mental health challenges.

Leiv is a representative to the Nordic Outdoor Therapy Network, an honorary member to the Adventure Therapy International Committee, and also runs Motiva, a small company that focuses on nature and health.
When asked, Leiv will tell you that he needs outdoor adventures to thrive, and that these ideally should be a mix of slow, contemplative activities and faster, more technical challenges.

He is equally happy sitting behind his camera for hours on end waiting for a reindeer or lynx to appear, as he is skiing down isolated mountain sides guided only by the light of the winter moon.