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Instructions for Registration

  1. Order your tickets in our Shop. For every person also family members like children you have to order extra form. The tickets includes everything you need: Accomodation, Food, Program.
  2. After your order you will receive a confirmation. In this confirmation you can check if your order is placed right.
  3. After checking your order you will receive two invoices. One from Resilience Learning e.V. (Organisation Association – conference fee) and another one from Outward Bound Germany eG (food & accommodation).
  4. Please pay both invoices same time (You have to do this on two separate bank accounts).
  5. Please send us a copy of your payment confirmation via Email if you don’t hear something from us. The adress is (we will check our accounts, but for your security make a copy if we need it)
  6. In your confirmation of payment please add following: Mr. / Ms. First Name, Last Name, order no., invoice no. 
  7. After receipt of your payment confirmation you will receice an confirmation from us that your booking is placed. This confirmation is your ticket to enter the Gate 2019 /PreConference.
  8. In the case you ordered the PreConference Ticket with adventure program, please keep in mind that there is an adding fee which has to be paid at PreConference time. How much depends on adventure program and people who will join this kind of program. Do not forget to bring extra money with you (also, if you like to by some extra drinks, souvenirs, etc.). It is possible to pay per MasterCard on the digital way at Outward Bound (only for adventure program).
  9. If you like to get current informations about our ongoing activities, please do not forget to subscribe our Newsletter.

Please, keep in mind that the inscription would not be official until you receive a confirmation email after you make the payment.


Camping: (full since end of February)
We will have 6-8 places for Caravans.
We will have 10-20 places for camping by tent.
The camping prices are per person (not per tent or caravan) because our packages include also foot and program. 

We will have 98 beds in Dorms.  This means that we bring you together with other persons for the night. If you also book the pre-conference it could be that you have to change your bed in the switch of this events. The dorm price package includes bed linen. 

Registration fee for PreConference (accomodation & food/ without action-program): July 22-24, 2019 (Monday – Wednesday) also possible July 23-24, 2019 (Thuesday – Wednesday). The PreConference is only bookable together with the Gate 2019.

During the PreConference we offer a course /seminar. You can book this also as a package either with dorm or with camping. The prices you will find in our Ticket Shop. If you book this course / seminar please keep in mind that it will start already monday 12 a.m.

You can also come on Monday or Thuesday. For both days we offer an adventure program of our partner Outward Bound gGmbH.

The offered adventure program you can book and pay directly when you arrive. In our shop you will find our suggested program. It would be fine to know your favourite before because this makes our planning much easier. Our suggestions are our plan. It depends on the interest of you what kind of program we can realise.

It would be fine if you already tell us what kind of adventure you would like to do. Because this helps us in our organisation. Please select in our shop your favourite wish. Therefore wie can manage groups, trainers and transfer options much easier before.

Registration fee for Conference July 24-27, 2019 (Thursday – Saturday):
Registration (December 01, 2018–February 28,2019):
Early Birds can safe a lot of money. Look to our shop for that special prices we offer you! Order until February 28, 2019

Registration (April 01,2019 – July 15, 2019):
from March 01, 2019 until the begin of the Gate you have to pay the full price of the Gathering. Also detailed in our Ticket Shop, Klick above in the menu the button Ticket Shop to see all of our possibilities.

Children will get very special discounts! Child up to 4 year is free!
The age during the Gate is important. For Children and Teens we offer also reduced Early Bird packages if you do order until February 28, 2019.

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How to travel

As you do come from all over the world we will give you some possibilities how to organise your trip to the Gate 2019:

If you are an early bird you can get some very cheap tickets for flight, train and bus.


Airport Munich

  • 150 km (2h by car)
  • Train: 2,5 – 4 h (to Füssen/Fuessen)
  • Flixbus: 5.45 h (11.2018 to Füssen/Fuessen)

Airport Innsbruck

  • 115 km (2h by car)
  • Train: not possible
  • Flixbus: 3h (Attention not daily in 11.2018 to Füssen/ Fuessen)

Airport Memmingen

  • 90 km (1h by car)
  • Flixbus: 1h (11.2018 to Füssen/ Fuessen)

Airport Zürich CH

  • 233 km (2:45 h by car)
  • Flixbus: 9h (to Füssen/ Fuessen)

Train Station Füssen

  • 7,5 km/ time to Location: Outward Bound
  • Car: 10 min.
  • Walking: 2-3 h

There are some special offers from home based companies arround europe. We appologize Flixbus as one of the possibilities:


    • Your target location/ destination: Füssen/ Fuessen
    • From there you have 7,5 km to OUTWARD BOUND
    • (Taxi, Car, walking or shuttle)


Füssen is in the south end point of the longest Highway in Germany the A7. Federal routes who will bring you to the location are B16, B17 and B310. From Austria there is the Far Right Route B179.
Please note that congestion and disability may occur on certain days and weekends. The four-lane course is namely shortly before Füssen two lanes. We recommend travelers using the car and bus to pay attention to the traffic announcements on the radio and possibly leave the motorway at the exit Nesselwang. From Nesselwang take the federal highways B309 and B310 to Füssen.
If you are using navigation, please enter the following address at your destination:
Berghausstraße 1, D- 87645 Schwangau

Car Rental Füssen

This rental companies work from every hotpoint of traveller around germany. You can also rent your car at airports, trainstations and busstations. We wil give you here the direct link to Füssen. But please feel free:


phone +49 (0)89 – 7676 2099 dayly  8:00 – 22:00

Hertz Füssen Schwangau

Füssener Str. 112
phone +49 (0) 8362 986580

Tourist Office Füssen

Kaiser-Maximilian-Platz 1
87629 Füssen
phone +49 (0) 83 62 / 93 85-0

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately we cannot offer any discounts for people that propose workshops. The price of the GATE has already been reduced to the minimum possible.
We are working at a model for scholarships. So we hope to offer a discount in March 2019. (it will be for students from east-european-countries.

Yes, you can. We would ask you to fill in a form describing the workshop and its goals. The preparation team will review the workshops to ensure the link with Adventure Therapy. We encourage you to present your workshop proposal and contact us if you have any questions about it.

No, you might just be interested in learning about Adventure Therapy or you might have other personal interests to come and be part of this gathering.

  • You can check out some pictures about the venue and find contact details there as well:


Seminar House

You are welcome to come with a companion, however this person should also subscribe to the GATE as he/she will be one participant more, therefore he/she should follow the subscription instructions and payment. Please order in our shop the accomodation seperatelly for every person you bring with you.

As the time comes, we will post in the website a packing list as well as send it by email to all participants.

The menu will only be available until few days before the GATE, as the venue is in charge of providing the food.

The pre-gathering workshop does not belong to the GATE but it will take place the days before in the same venue. There will be a 3 day experiential workshop called “Facilitating meaningful solo experiences in nature”, organized by Resilience Learning and provided by Sylke Iacone. Additional fee and subscription form is required for this training. If you like to join this workshop you have to order in our shop

– the workshop in the part pre conference
– accomodation for every night you will stay here
– accomodation for every person (partner, family) who are with you

If you want to make more of your trip to Germany, we also offer a diverse action program, facilitated by professional staff of Outward Bound. You can choose between visiting the surrounding castles, experiencing heights in a high ropes course and a zipline, building a raft, a canoe trip or hiking up to the summit of Tegelberg.

– the adventure program will be organised the days july 22-24
– you can already choose one of them. It makes our organisation much easier.

You can also stay with us during this days without any fore-planning. In this case please book the accomodation for this two nights (this includes also breakfast, meal and dinner).  A lot of people will meet together and there will be some activity we can not tell you before. But it is a very good come together before the main conference will start.